Honduras 100 Plus 
 Virtual Mission Trip

When: January 27 – February 1, 
Cost: Free

Join the adventure as we build church #122 in Honduras...from the safety and comfort of your own home!
Easily mobilize a team to Brussels, Belgium today!

Ensure that students across Europe are no longer turned away from quality theological education at CTS due to lack of space! 
Build hope

Have you always wanted to go on a mission trip but could never find the time or money, or someone to watch the kids and the dog?!! THIS is your chance! 

Although it’s not possible to physically go on a mission trip right now…YOU CAN JOIN this virtual mission trip and experience the work LIVE, on this five day, all-expense-paid mission trip to the beautiful country of HONDURAS!

Each day of the trip, you and your fellow virtual team members will join together by way of a Facebook Live session, to experience all the elements of a construction mission trip.
The "NO NO's" of the Honduras 100 Plus Virtual Mission Trip
  • ​NO cost to you
  • NO age limitations
  • ​NO lost time off work
  • ​NO Covid-19 screening 
  • ​NO quarantine  
  • ​NO temperature check
  • ​NO vaccinations required
  • ​NO mask needed
  • ​NO ticket to purchase
  • ​NO passport or visa necessary 
  • ​NO long airport lines  
  • ​NO immigration check points
  • ​NO travel sickness or jet lag

Trip Schedule: 
(Central Standard Time)

Wednesday, January 27
11:30 am: Job Site Orientation - Meet the Missionary
6:30 pm: Honduran Prayer Service 

Thursday, January 28
11:30 am: On the Job - Meet Pastor Carlos 
6:30 pm: Pastor Yojan 

Friday, January 29
11:30 am: On the Job
6:30 pm: Coffee with the Missionaries 

Saturday, January 30
11:30 am: On the Job
6:30 pm: Cultural Tour

Sunday, January 31
4:00 pm: Celebration Service

Monday, February 1
6:30 PM: Team Zoom Call

The "Benefits" of the Honduras 100 Plus Virtual Mission Trip! 

  • Experience a mission trip without the cost of traveling.
  • Experience a mission trip with your entire family while in the comfort of your home.
  • ​​Experience a mission trip no matter your age without risk to anyone.
  • ​Educational virtual learning experience for everyone.
  • ​Expose your children and grandchildren to another culture giving them an expanded worldview and deeper appreciation for what they have, while cultivating compassion towards others.

Brad and Shelly Foltz

Builders International missionaries, Brad and Shelly Foltz have served in missions since 2004. Their service began in El Salvador and Nicaragua. For the past 12 years, their focus has been hosting construction teams in Honduras with the goal of building 100 Assemblies of God churches throughout Honduras, working closely with the national church leadership of Honduras. This initiative was called HONDURAS 100. They met their goal of 100 churches in May 2016, but the work didn’t stop there! They changed the name of the initiative to HONDURAS 100 PLUS and have kept on building churches!!! They’ve now completed 121 churches! We can’t wait to build Church #122 with YOU!
You can be a part of building a church and community development facility for a growing congregation in Honduras.
WHY Honduras, WHY Now?
 Honduras 100 PLUS is an initiative to partner with congregations throughout Honduras to help provide church facilities.

121 churches have been built across Honduras since 2005. Honduras 100 PLUS continues to focus on church planting projects. We partner with local congregations to build a 36x50 structure. The Honduran church purchases the land and does the finish work. These facilities enable the church to thrive in their community with outreaches to help children and the elderly, by providing food pantries, after-school child care, and feeding programs.

The 100th church was built in May 2016!

Church #122 - God's Paradise Church 

Ten years ago, Carlos suffered from acute depression syndrome. Carlos and his wife, Celina, have four children. Selvin, age 28, Nancy, age 25, Juan Carlos, age 20, and Nahomi, age 14.

At the time he was diagnosed, their youngest daughter was only 4 years old. He was desperately seeking help to be well for his family.

He made the decision to go to church. It was there that he found the Lord! It was there that he found healing!

Soon after his salvation, he felt the Lord calling him to pastor a church. Although he only went to grade school until the sixth grade, Carlos is now finishing his first year in Bible School!

In El Marañón, Cortés, Honduras, Carlos is known as “Pastor Carlos,” as he and Celina are the pastors of Iglesia El Paraiso De Dios...God’s Paradise Church!

You and your teammates will join the community of finishers, helping Brad and Shelly Foltz provide a place for the people in the country of Honduras to find hope!

What does each Honduras100 Plus church provide?

  • A local refuge from a harsh world
  • A safe place to belong in the community
  • Encouragement, authority, and legitimacy to the local church
  • A place for the hurting to find hope
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